Have u ever wondered where religion, women’s oppression, men n women’s difficulties to cooperate derives from?

Universe today is Divided – Unbalanced in Energy n Frequenzy. As u probably already know we n everything re nergy that vibrates on a certain frequenzy.
There’s maskuline n feminine nergy in everyone but whats unique with humans is that they have the whole spectrum of feelings n innate understanding of balance between male n female energ n high n low frequenzy.

~ The Law of Opposites ~

Both male/female nergy in Us All it have nothing to do with gender.
A woman can have too much of the male nergy n therefore be too self righteous. A man can have too much of female nergy n be too sensitive. I believe men should be more like women n women more like men. Perhaps we will evolve into hermafrodits in the far future when we have evolved into independent beings. I believe the nature have much inspiration to give. If u observe our world. Earth Mother will show u patterns of balance. She desperately wants to Reunite n become One again. You can see her n humans as a “weapon” for Balance. (The Ideal World) I will explain this further later on.

Men n women in our history have generally been too much. Too Unbalanced. Therefore all the craziness. But it’s all in the process of becoming balanced. We had to go thru shit to realise what shit we don’t want. To understand everything. Life is a school after all. Learn from each other. We all are teachers n students.


Men n women need each other to Evolve or Rather say we need the Opposite Nergy we naturually funktion from.

~Everyone n Everything is konnekted~

Theirs no diskrimination #both nergies are essential for harmony. Make friends with Darkness. Make friends with the female nergy. Make friends with Yourself. Harmony to me it’s not all shiny glory happiness, to me it’s about enjoying challenges. The good n the bad life have to offer interakt simultaneously.

~ Everything Searches for Balance ~

Reason for that is the divine male nergy revolted against the Universe, which left Us divided n distorted. Half. Unbalanced.
Divine male energy (god) without the female energy becomes very unbalanced, very kontrolling Arrogant Self righteous -Egomaniak. Krave power n attention.


More you pray more power it get. Just like more afraid u are for a demon more nergy they get. Speak of the devil (pun intended) Opposites are kurious but afraid of each other bcaz they are afraid of change. Opposites complete.

(Raw thought)
It sometimes seems n feels like we re stealing energy from each other like there’s limited energy. Like money.

~ As Above So Below ~

Divine maskuline is not All bad of corse, bcaz, None can be All Bad Or All Good. Not even demons. I really don’t want to portrait the male energy as absolut horrible, just get too kontrolling without enuf of the female nergy. Male nergy also is; positive, aktive, protektive, adventurus, brave etc..

To stay in Kontrol over Everything god have Korrupted Terra, our Mother, our Goddess which is the Divine female energy. #SatanisaShe #Satanisurmother

666 is not the number of the beast it’s the number of Balance ☯
God desperately need to kontrol humans or Terrans, bcaz they Exists to Balance the Universe so we can become ONE again. (But first we need to Balance ourselves) Which of corze god do not want.

Women’s oppression is a plan to stay in kontrol. U can also konnekt this with the witch hunt in our history.

Intuition derives from the female nergy n is always of interest for god to suppress. The reason for this is, if we humans develop our intuition, We Are Unstoppable! #logikNintuition

As Terrans Exist to Save, Balance the Universe, god do whatever to stay in kontrol n re 1000 steps ahead.

Religion is another great strategy to suppress humanity to make them dependent to look up n idolise him n be saved n leave everything in his hands. His kontrol. Which gives him more nergy. In return you feel bliss. #fakebliss

Some of u may think that religion is just caused by egotistical power hungry greedy humans n im on ur side on that point, but i also believe in quantum physiks – like attrakts like.

The fear mongering is also a plan to Stay in kontrol. The bible for ex is full of it.
Fear resonates with our Ego n god knows that if he kan kontrol our ego then we
wont Evolve. Then we wont balance our left – right lobe.

I believe the holy book is intentional brainwashing, it’s also meant to divide humans in different ways. Especially men n women. Black n white people.

And I also believe god have follow us trying to manipulate us along the way. Adapting to our society n kulture. Think n feel the divine male nergy is one force that duplikates.

Black + white = rainbow 🌈

For us to Evolve we need to take Charge over our Ego – Ourselves n that’s of corze is the last thing a egomaniak kult leader wants. Don’t be a slave under ur ego or god. We don’t need masters.

When u Work on Yourself u Balance Yourself. U raise ur frequenzy to a balanced one that match nature. U will then discover that bugs will hang out with u cuz ur no longer vibrate on a fearisch disturbing frequenzy n they will feel harmonik. #NuancesRemember ?

Working with ur ego is tuff, u will be challenged, u will be tortured u will see Truth – Relive shit to heal ur inner child. Feel to Heal.

~ Kreative Destruktion ~

That’s Your Responsibility towards Yourself n’ your Friends in UNIverse. (Sorry, there’s no shortkuts just face ur Shit)

~ Past Present Future exist Now ~


Together with ur Higher self u evolve into ur Balanced self Authentic Self. Together u BALANCE the FUTURE.

A BIT At THE TIME WILL WE SOON BE one AGAIN. ONE. And then Everything is gonna End. Because Nothing lasts Forever. Expands Forever. As the law of opposites states, Everything has an Beginning n Ending.

(Perhaps Everything is just a Gigantic xperiment?)

#TheoryofBalance #DarknessIsUrAmigo

Hope u enjoyd my inspiration.

Shadow n light to ya’ll. / Asthoria Vega ~